Research projects

On the following pages you find more information about my ongoing and past research projects. At the moment I work mainly on the EUROPINIONS project. In this ERC funded project, our research team analyses different aspects of public opinion about Europe. My research focus lies especially on the link between EU attitudes and voting behaviour. Besides this main project, I also try to find some time to continue work on some former research. In one of these projects we analyse turnout bias in post-election surveys. This comprises aspects such as nonresponse and misreporting. In a third project the focus lies on so-called “selective voters”, i.e. voters who do not vote/abstain habitually, but decide every time anew whether they turn out. During my PhD studies I analysed the impact of cleavages on voting behaviour. Besides my actual dissertation I also published some related stand-alone papers.  Finally, I also worked on some other projects regarding e-voting and election forecasts.

In case the separate research descriptions do not answer all of your questions, please feel free to send me an email.

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